January 18, 2012
1. Did you find the Success Seminar a valuable use of your time?     Yes          No
2. What information did you find most useful?
3. What information would you have liked for Brett to cover more of?
4.Did you find Nancy Ferrari’s presentation of the Vision Statement informative?  
                                                       Yes        No 

5. Please tell us what value you found in the information presented by Nancy Ferrari about Vision Statements.
6. Brett discussed the concept of passive income. Which of the following fits your interest?
                 Very Interested                   Some Interest                 Not Sure
7. Would you like to receive more information on building a passive income in real estate?   
                                                  Yes     No
7. How did you receive your invitation to the Brett Noel Success Seminar?         
8. Please tell us how we can improve on our seminar (content, location, venue, etc.)
Please provide us with information so we can notify you of any upcoming training events.